Hello Fellow Daymakers!


For years, I have had people from around the world encouraging me to build a space where our community of Daymakers can share, inspire, and learn. We are very excited to announce that the official Daymaker Movement website has been born!

I have traveled around to 26 cities promoting Life as a Daymaker and have spoken to millions of people in an effort to transform the world. These experiences have helped me realize that in order to change the world, I had to look inside myself. I realized that I wasn’t going to change the world in an instant, but that I could improve the lives of those around me by doing little things: being present with my wife at breakfast, leaving my worries at the office rather than bringing them home, and even treating motorists politely on the drive into work. All of a sudden the world was not so big, not so scary, and not as difficult to find beauty throughout the day. It’s the small things done with great love that will change the world!

Now I see the world as a place of love and joy and realize that my outlook and the energy I spread to others depends on my attitude each day. I hope you enjoy the new website and are able to spread inspiration to the lives of so many dedicated Daymakers.

David Wagner