Daymaker Dairy Queen

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Earlier this week, Juut Salonspa Studio Stylist and Daymaker, Kelly Ernest, shared a story of how a simple act of kindness started a ripple effect.

“A couple days ago I went to the Dairy Queen Drive-Thru after an exhausting day. My order was taking a while and as I sat there feeling so burnt out I decided I should pay for the lady who was waiting behind me. I was thinking maybe she had a long day as well and the thought of possibly making a stranger’s day a little brighter brought a smile to my face. Tonight I went through that same drive-thru and a worker recognized me and said, “Hey thanks for paying for that lady’s food the other night! She was so happy that she paid for the person behind her and every car paid for the person behind them after that until the last car had no one behind them. It was really cool.” I honestly just wanted to cry, it’s seriously so crazy how doing just one simple act of kindness can really cause a ripple effect. Thanks David Wagner for bringing the philosophy of Daymaking into my life.”

What will you do this week to start a ripple effect?