Daymaking on a Dreary Seattle Night


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‘Steven in Seattle here – Trying my best to live the daymaker dream! Recently, I was at a gas station getting a snack. A man came up to the counter next to me and gave the cashier $1.37, for gas for his car. I overheard this, and a few things crossed my mind. First, I was thankful that I am able to fill my own gas tank. Second, I felt empathy for the man with so little at that moment. Finally, the logo of the Daymaker website flashed across my mind and the tag line was, “FILL THIS MANS TANK!”

I immediately plopped down my debit card to pay for a full tank of gas for the man. The man with $1.37 teared up. The gas station employee teared up. And I teared up. It was great!

But, it gets better. The lady behind me in line offered to buy the snack I was getting for myself. Then the man behind her offered to buy the milk she was in line to get. So we all had a moment, and then went our separate ways.

The cashier asked me what to do with the original $1.37. He gave it to me, and all I could think of was to go outside and give it back. A few more tears were shared at the pump, and I walked away feeling 100% sure that I had gotten the most out making that man’s day. It was great to see the Daymaker ripple effect among 4 strangers at a gas station on a rainy night in Seattle.’