‘She kind of came back from the dead’: Dog returns home 10 years after going missing

Source: Sky News

We’re all about stories with happy endings, and this one fits the bill. This heartwarming piece from Sky News tells the story of Abby, the Black Lab who found her way back to her family after being missing for 10 years. Cue the tissues.

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A dog has returned 10 years after she wandered off from home, leaving her family none the wiser as to where she has been.

Debra Suierveld mourned her dog Abby when she ran away from the family home in Apollo, Pennsylvania, a decade ago.

Despite her being microchipped, they didn’t hear anything about the beloved dog’s whereabouts.

But on Saturday, Abby turned up about 10 miles away on the front porch of George Spiering.

He contacted Animal Protectors of Alleghany Valley, who were able to get the details from her chip and got in touch with her owner.

Ms Suierveld told the Tribune Review: “She kind of came back from the dead.

“We mourned you.”

The black labrador was in good condition when she was found and although her exact whereabouts all this time are not known, Ms Suierveld thinks she must have had a home and been looked after.

Abby has a greying snout and fatty deposits, though both of these are normal for a dog of her age.

Ms Suierveld said: “They took good care of her. Whatever they called you, it was wrong.”

Despite seeming to have been called a different name for a decade, Abby still answers to Abby.

The Suiervelds are planning to have a family reunion dinner to give their pet a warm welcome home.