Trims for tales: The barbers offering children a free haircut in exchange for a story


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You might not think barbering and books go together, but one barbershop in Liverpool is changing that. We love this story from about a barbershop offering free cuts for children who read them a story.

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A barber’s shop in Liverpool wants to promote the ‘simple joy’ of reading this half-term.
Children in Liverpool are being offered free haircuts this half-term. There’s only one condition – they have to tell their barber a tale.

Rogues and Rascals, in Huyton Village, is asking children to bring a book of their choice with them to share with their barber as they’re having a trim.

Owner Martin Langan launched the initiative to promote the “simple joy” of reading and learning to read.

He said: “My 4-year-old was restless when he was getting his haircut, so we gave him a book and he sat there as good as gold reading aloud.

“At the same time, we know money is tight during half-term, so it’s a way of giving a little bit back to the community and helping parents out while encouraging the children to continue to read.

“The response has been mind-blowing. We have had parents and children coming from all over Liverpool to support our cause. It’s been so successful that we will be repeating it at Easter and future holidays and hope barbershops up and down the country will join us with the idea and keep the ‘Rogues&Rascals #Trims4Tales’ initiative going.”

The offer is for children under 12 and is running every day until Friday (16 February) 9am-12pm.