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A Sweet Lesson on Patience

Hello Daymakers! I have read this story many times over the last few years and I trust many of you have seen it already too. Today I was struck by the profound simplicity of Daymaking when I read it. Simply

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50 Ways to Be a Daymaker

If you have a Daymaker story, we’d love to here it. And photos?! Even better! Click here or share your story in the comments below. We’re looking forward to reading!! Interested in printing the Top 50 list? Click “Control –

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Food as Medicine

Hello Daymakers, I had such a wonderful time at the Mill City Farmer’s Market this past week. Nick Schneider from Spoonriver created some wonderful recipes to share with the audience. All of the recipes focused on “food as medicine.” I

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Hello Fellow Daymakers!

For years, I have had people from around the world encouraging me to build a space where our community of Daymakers can share, inspire, and learn. We are very excited to announce that the official Daymaker Movement website has been

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