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Embracing Your Happy Self

Helping clients grow their hair out long while maintaining a healthy shine is a pretty typical job for many stylists. But usually, those clients are female. Rae Knudson, senior stylist, has a 64-year-old client who has been coming to see

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It Takes a Village

When Anna Larkin’s endometrioses forced her to endure six surgeries in two years, she had to stop working for almost 12 months. Larkin, a master esthetician at Juut’s Wayzata location, worked at Juut for five years before she left for

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Daymaking on a Dreary Seattle Night

Thanks to Steven from Seattle for sending in your Daymaker Story! If you have a Daymaker story to share, please click here! Check out Steven’s touching Daymaker story below. ‘Steven in Seattle here – Trying my best to live the

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Failures of Kindness

George Saunders gave the graduation speech at Syracuse University this year, and the New York Times recently published it. The most important piece of advice he gave to graduates might surprise you. He said, “Now, one useful thing you can

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Daymaker Dairy Queen

Earlier this week, Juut Salonspa Studio Stylist and Daymaker, Kelly Ernest, shared a story of how a simple act of kindness started a ripple effect. “A couple days ago I went to the Dairy Queen Drive-Thru after an exhausting day.

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The Daymaker Curriculum

When students take Christina McCall’s Cosmetology class at DCMO BOCES in Norwich, NY, they learn that there is more to the beauty industry than cutting and styling hair. She wants them to know that Cosmetology is a holistic art, meant

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Lunch with Rick Kupchella for the Smile Network

Recently, David Wagner was the guest speaker a “From a Man’s Perspective,” a monthly networking luncheon hosted by Rick Kupchella for the Smile Network International. The luncheon raised enough money to transform the lives of 7 children with cleft palates

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All Dogs Go To Heaven

Hello Daymakers! Today is Daymaker Day! In honor of Daymaker Day, I wanted to spread the message of the power of a simple act of kindness. This simple act made more than just their day as this family was going

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A Good Day at the Airport

Hello Fellow Daymakers!   I had the most incredible Daymaker experience yesterday at SFO (San Fransisco Airport). I was going through security and I always opt out of the new X-ray screening which means I have to have a personal

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